Raised in New England, a sense of adventure and curiosity combined with a reverence for Nature’s wildness, directly informed much of how I went about things. Finding photography, the potential to share these observations and experiences greatly inspired a creative process. It excites me to convey, in windows of time, a catalyst to a smile, a desire to fight back, inspiration to give back, compulsion to dash out and collect fireflies, or just to stop, breathe and wonder. I create out of desire to ignite awareness ~ exploring relationships between impartial objects and personal perceptions, focusing on the subtleties that produce the layers of an experience and in an effort to give a voice to the voiceless. I wish to remind the viewer of our potential as individuals, of the innate power of humanity as a collective, and of the everyday wonders of the world that surrounds us. In 2011, I graduated from the International Center of Photography in New York City. I am currently based in Miami working with film, alternative processes and digital imagery and hold an artist residency at the Bakehouse Art Complex.

Selected Group Exhibitions

Pop Art, Garden Building, Collaboration with The Project [Theater], Miami FL
The World In Images, Swenson Gallery, Miami FL
Fresh Paint, 4Midtown Penthouse, Miami FL
Oneiric: Beyond Consciousness, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami FL
The Story of the Creative, See|Exhibition Space, New York City
Recently Acquired, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami FL

Family, South Point Tower Gallery, Miami FL
R4, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami FL
From Brown to Brunette, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami FL

Capture and Release, International Center of Photography, New York City

Undergrund, Art Basel, Miami FL

Art Fairs and Events
Lucky You!6, Bakehouse Art Complex

Lucky You!5, Bakehouse Art Complex

In addition to Fine Art Photography, SatoriRed is available for:
– Photographic Installation Design
– Commissioned Projects
– Editorial Assignment
– Aerial Photography
– Non-Profit Collaboration
– Still Photography for Documentary and Film